About Kushal & restoreBin

Kushal Azza & restoreBin
Kushal Azza & restoreBin
Kushal Azza & restoreBin

About Kushal Azza

Kushal Azza

Hey there, I’m Kushal Azza; a certified Google Analytics & Digital Marketing geek, a technophile, and also your host at @restoreBin.

Currently, I’m working as Digital Data Analytics at Grant Thornton LLP and, have around 5+ years’ experience in Digital Analytics space. Previously worked with Accenture & Wipro Technologies for clients like Google & Credit Suisse. I’ve also worked on few freelance projects in initial days.

Started my career as Business Analyst, and eventually moved into Digital Data Analytics was my best career decision.

I’m a great fan of Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Optimize, and DataStudio. They’re also my daily bread-n-butter. Apart from Analytics, I keep brushing-up my knowledge and utilize my Ads Optimization (FB, AdWords, & Bing), SEO, SEM, & Email marketing skills whenever needed. I even earned the social media marketing exposure, and help in providing insights & trends based on social data.

I also have an affinity towards website development & designing, and regularly dirt my hands in website optimization. I know HTML, CSS and learning JavaScript, Ubuntu commands that helps to tweak my web blog and hosting cloud server.

Over the years of experience working with MNCs, I’ve nurtured these digital skills and love to continue the same. I believe that Digital is going to last forever, and have strong guts that Analytics will be a part of every milestone.

I’m also a technology enthusiast who keep a track of latest hardware devices, software, and mobile apps. I mostly spend time finding the ways to automate the things and challenge the traditional way of manual work. In this process, I learn a lot that wasn’t aware or never tried and even keep failing multiple times.

Henceforth, I will be utilizing @restoreBin blog to share all my learnings and stories — success and failure.

Apart from Digital & Technology; Photography is another vertical that interest me, especially the candid photography. I’m not a pro at it, but gradually learning all the horizontals.

Let’s connect socially, and get to know each other.

About restoreBin

restoreBin Logo

Started in last week of January 2016 with a purpose of creating the Technology & Gadgets blog. I wrote few articles in initial days but eventually started losing interest with no time to work on the blog as I got occupied with my full-time job.

Later in 2017, I fell in love with digital and started shifting my focus from technology to digital space. However, I still do follow technology and very much passionate about it.

I’ll regularly publish the articles, and keep engaging my readers. I mainly focus on these categories:

  • #Techfocus on hardware, gadgets, software, apps and internet stuff
  • #Digital – lucrative ways to market a brand across all digital channels
  • #Money – tips & techniques to earn, invest and save hard earned cash
  • #Living – keep inspire with stories, travel guide, food, and live life full-on

I’ve also upgraded my existing under-developed forum to a simple yet robust one – hello restoreBin. I’d be happy if you can join the community and participate in discussions.

In an effort to maintain a transparency, I have published a monthly dashboard which displays previous months users data. Looking at the dashboard, you might feel (even I feel) that @restoreBin is not performing great since all the metrics are dipping down. However, I’m hopeful that it would eventually grow at a much stronger rate.

Lastly, please connect with @restoreBin socially so that you’ll have all the latest digital tips, techniques, & update in your social feeds. Instantly!