Backbone @restoreBin

Hey there, welcome to @restoreBin Backbone!

A page that has curated the list of tools and supplements that’s powering up restoreBin. These are the same line items supporting our entire blogging system to work efficiently and scale it to next level whenever needed. Just like a human backbone!

We’ve listed everything starting with the cloud server we use for hosting, analytics tools for tracking, social channels to keep our blog engaged, business tools to work efficiently, and entire set up that keeps us running.


Our setup and tools for designing, developing and maintaining the blog/website.


I use WordPress CMS for blogging at restoreBin. The blog is also powered by multiple plugins that make WordPress even stronger yet powerful software.

There are a lot of customization options which makes WordPress my first choice of the blogging platform.


I’m using DigitalOcean Cloud VPS for now more than 3 years, and I still love it! It’s completely unmanaged cloud server that gives complete ownership of entire host.

If you’re looking for something challenging and scalable option, then DigitalOcean is the best.


I’ve actually used BlueHost for first few years of blogging. I even had hands-on experience with other BH competitor (HostGator, GoDaddy, DreamHost, iPage, inMotion, etc.) in the market, but I still prefer to go and recommended BlueHost.

It’s a budget-friendly shared web hosting specially for any beginners & master.


If you’re not comfortable with an unmanaged cloud VPS like DigitalOcean. You can opt for a completely managed VPS – WPEngine. I haven’t used it yet but, heard a lot of reviews – good reviews.

All you need is to sign up, create a server with domain name linked, and start working without worrying about hosting issue.


Various social, email, content, SEO & web marketing tools & services.

Social Media: 

I’m very much active on social media channel basically promoting my blog post and engaging with my readers. You can follow restoreBin social accounts.


I’m not extensively using the MailChimp for email marketing. However, I planned to use in future once I have a decent amount of user base. MailChimp WP Plugin helps to get leads from the sidebar as well as from comments section.

If you’re looking to start Email marketing from basics, then MailChimp is the great point since it offers a free plan for beginners.

Community Forums: 

I actively participate in Community forums which is one way to promote my skills. I follow countable reputed Blogging, Analytics & WordPress community forums.

Here is the list of online digital forums that I participate and seek help.

Online Ads: 

I do promote using paid online ads. I prefer AdWords & Bing SEM ads and at times use the Facebook boost to promote social content.

I’ll be sharing my tips on online ads marketing very soon.


Tools used for tracking, analyzing, optimizing, and reporting the website/blog performance.

Google Analytics: 

Google Analytics is one-stop analytics, insights, & reporting tool that every webmaster or site owner should have. It provides the comprehensive stats and figures about your visitors and their behavior.

Being a digital person if you haven’t signed up for Analytics yet, perhaps you’re missing something really important.

Google Tag Manager: 

a.k.a. GTM is one of my favorite tool that provides flexibility and robustness in implementing any trackers or pixel or snippet code without modifying the website HTML code. Tracking and implementation have been so easy and it’s beyond imagination.

If aren’t a GTM user then you should consider using it today!

Google DataStudio: 

DataStudio dashboard is pretty useful if you’re creating iterative reports and dealing with multiple clients. I use DataStudio to visualize restoreBin performance, and also check the month and yearly stats. You can integrate report with multiple data source and use drag & drop option to create beautiful reports.

If you’re a great fan of numbers, graphs, & pie charts then Google DataStudio is your tool

Google Optimize: 

It’s my another favorite tool basically used for performing A/B testing and multivariant testing for a website. If you want to know the change in user behavior based on changing your website layout or color combination, the optimize becomes a very handy tool.

A simple snippet code and chrome extension would help to experiment with your users’ behavior without touching any backend code.

Search Console: 

Formerly known as Webmaster tools is a must-have tool for any webmaster for analyzing the site performance in Google Search. The tool will display the website performance on search result and keywords driving the traffic.

The tool will also check for multiple issues like indexing, speed performance, crawler & 404 errors, and also malware attack.


I recently started using HotJar for testing my landing pages. HotJar not only provides heat-map for click & scroll but also track the user cursor navigation which I liked most.

They offer a free plan that enough to generate insightful data for few (3) landing pages.


Productive tools and services used for nurturing the users and business growth.

hello restoreBin: 

hello restoreBin is an in-house @restoreBin community forum. I’m personally active in this group and always wait for any question or issue to resolve.

If you haven’t registered yet, then please do consider sign up and be an early bird.

G Suite: 

I’m Google tools fanatic mostly prefer their products and personally use G Suite Business program. The G Suite is a power-packed option for business & professional that I use almost daily. It also helps me access other Analytics tools mentioned above.

If you’re small or medium side workgroup working for multiple clients across the globe, you should definitely have G Suite. It’s creative, productive, & innovative option. Sign up & start a free trial today!

Microsoft Office 365: 

Microsoft Office 365 helps in providing end to end business solution. I mostly use MS Office Suite Programs (Word, Powerpoint, etc.) and MS Outlook Mail regularly. Even my Bing Ads account is set up in MS O365.

If you’re looking for being productive and have a large workgroup, then MS Office is must have tool.


Tools and service that should be considered for personal and professional growth.


A unified restoreBin’s digital dashboard to track the performance against KPIs with key metrics and trending timeline. I basically use this dashboard to understand the performance for the entire month.

I’m still developing the few other dashboards and planning to make it publically available for personal usage.

Disclaimer: few links may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission for your purchase but, no extra cost to you. In fact, you may receive some discount or free credits.