restoreBin Dashboard

Dashboard restoreBin Performance
Dashboard restoreBin Performance

Welcome to restoreBin’s Stats dashboard. The reporting dashboard is build using Google DataStudio and integrated with Google Analytics data to report actual data.

The default reporting is set to last month, and also added the comparison metrics to gauge the performance with the previous period.

Metrics and Dimensions used in the Dashboard

Below are metrics added to the report and generally, these are a most important metric for gauging any website or business performance.

  1. Score Card metrics: Users, Pages/Visits, Avg. Visit Duration, Bounce Rate, Goal Conversion Rate
  2. Time-series Graph: Pageviews vs Date
  3. Pie Charts: Traffic Channel and Device Category
  4. Table Report: Country-wise performance (Users & Goals)

[NOTE: I suggested to access the report in big resolution screens like desktops, laptops, TV, or tablets for better view-ability.]

You may even switch to full-screen mode by hitting the full-screen icon right-bottom corner and hit ESC button to exit the same.

I’ve also planned to create a “Yearly” dashboard to gauge YoY performance of restoreBin, probable Q4 for 2018 it will be out. Meanwhile, please contact me if you’re facing any challenges to view this report. Thank you!