Track Internal Link Click as Event in Google Analytics using GTM

Setup Google Tag Manager (GTM) to report internal link click as event hit in Google Analytics without any technical scripts implementation.

Google Tag Manager (aka GTM) is a very handy tool when it’s clubbed with Google Analytics for tracking users behavior. Apart from general pageviews, GTM can also be used for tracking external as well as internal link click. All you need is to set up a firing trigger (rule) and GTM tag to send the data as an event to GA.

This guide won’t be very technical or with any kind of scripts, just a few clicks, and manual setup, that’s all. Let get started with the setup now.

Setting up GTM Tag for Internal Link Click Tracking

  1. Login to GTM Account and access the container.
  2. Select your favorite GTM workspace.
  3. Click on ‘ADD A NEW TAG’ option.
  4. Name the Tag – ‘Internal Tracking Event’
  5. Hit ‘Choose a tag type to begin setup…’ and select ‘Universal Analytics’ from the list.

    Choose Tag Type

    Choose Tag Type

  6. Next, select the Track Type as ‘Event’ and enter the Event details to be reported in GA.
    • Category = Internal Link
    • Action = Click
    • Label = {{Click Text}} (make sure you’ve enabled built-in ‘Click’ variables.)
    • Value = blank or ‘0’
    • Non-Interaction Hit = False (setting this to ‘True’ will affect the Bounce Rate metrics)

      Internal Tracking Event Tag Setup

      Internal Tracking Event Tag Setup

  7. Select the Google Analytics tracking variable (if already defined) or select checkbox saying ‘Enable overriding settings in this tag’ and enter your Google Analytics tracking ID i.e. UA-XXXXXX-XX

    Google Analytics Tracking ID Field

    Google Analytics Tracking ID Field

  8. Finally hit on SAVE button.

A window will popup saying ‘No Trigger Selected’, click on ADD TRIGGER button and proceed to next section in this guide.

No Trigger Selected Window

No Trigger Selected

Setting up GTM Trigger for Internal Link Click Tracking.

Trigger for internal link click event is pretty simple. We’ll just create a rule wherein any click URL link that matches our domain name should fire the event tag that we’ve set up earlier.

After you hit on ADD TRIGGER button, you’ll have a window with the entire list of existing triggers. Considering the trigger is not set up yet, follow the below steps.

  1. Hit on + to add a new trigger (available at right-hand top corner)
  2. Name the new trigger as ‘Internal Link Click Trigger’ (or anything you can identify)
  3. Hit on ‘Trigger Configuration’ box to choose a trigger type
  4. Select ‘Just Links’ from Trigger Type window

    'Just Link' Trigger Type

    ‘Just Link’ Trigger Type

  5. Change the trigger fires on a radio button to ‘Some Link Clicks’ from the default ‘All Link Clicks’
  6. Select firing condition are true from drop-down when Click URL 'contains'

    Internal Link Click Trigger Setup

    Internal Link Click – Trigger Setup

  7. Finally hit on SAVE button and also save the Event tag again to be double sure.

Preview the changes on the live website to validate the event tag is setup and firing is correct, and publish the link tracking event.

Do you know? Changing the trigger rule to does not contains, you can track external link clicks.

Reading data in events Google Analytics

The event data will be collected and available in Google Analytics under Events [Behavior > Events] tab. Open ‘Top Events’ tab and click on ‘Internal Link’ event category and switch to Event Label dimension.

Internal Link Tracking Event Label Data

Internal Link Tracking Event Label Data

The event labels displayed are nothing button the {{Click Text}} that we’ve setup while configuring the tag. Add the secondary dimension Page to display corresponding page URL where internal link click has occurred.

Internal Link Tracking Event Label Pages

Internal Link Tracking Event Label Pages

Now based on the data you may now answer the question like:

  • How have many internal clicks happened? – Total Event for Internal Link category.
  • Which page has maximum internal link clicks? – Events sorted in desc. order with secondary dimension as Page in place.
  • Which click has maximum internal navigation? – Event Label

And many more business-related questions. Share your story on how helpful you find this tracking for measuring your business goals.

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