Remove Google AdSense Yellow Background to Make it Transparent

Increase your CTR by removing the yellow or blue color background border from Google Ads with this simple plugin or add a small code in CSS file.

The Google Ads Background Color is not an issue with your AdSense but is due to default nature of WordPress theme, continue reading more to change the background to transparent.

Google AdSense is undoubtedly the most powerful online earning service provider. The Google Ads, when used in right amount with correct Ad sizes and placed at positions, can fetch you very high profits. But if the Ad units stand out from rest page then it looks a little indistinct to the readers. So, it is always important that the readers should be appealed with a good mix of content and Ads.

The yellow hex color you see on Google Ads border is due to responsive Ad units. Google’s Algo will show a smaller Ad size on a regular Ad unit if the Advertisement is of high pay. This gives the Ad a very abstract look as compared to all other elements of your site. This will result in low CTR rate and low earning.

Google Ads with yellow background

To get high CTR, it is recommended to make the Ad background transparent encouraging the reader to positively click the interest based Ads. This post I will tell you a simple but effective method to make your Google Ad Background match with the site design.

Method 1. Using a WordPress Plugin/Google Ads Transparent

You can make the Ad border transparent without any code using a simple WordPress Plugin known as Advanced Ads.

Open the Plugin, Advanced Ads → Settings → AdSense → Right check Transparent background option. The background of your AdSense ads will now be transparent. Cheers!

Method 2. Changing the CSS Code/Change Ads Background

Google places a “ins” tag around its Ads and many WordPress themes use a standard light yellow background color for “ins” tags.

To fix this you can do any of the following; Go to WordPress Dashboard → Appearance → CSS Editor/Editor.

To simplify the things; you just go to style.css and do a page search using Ctrl+F for #fff9c0 or #ff9 for yellow color (vary with WordPress Theme).

Here change the color code according to your website’s background such as #ffffff for white, #000000 for black, or RBG(25,25,25,0) for transparent etc.

Or you can add the following code according to your need in the custom stylesheet;

For Transparent Background

ins.adsbygoogle { 
background: transparent !important; 

For White Background

.adsbygoogle {
background: #FFFFFF;

With the method above you can remove the yellow AdSense Ad background and change it to your desired color to increase the CTR rate and earnings.

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