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  1. michael dawe says:

    i would to know what is trying to load and how to remove bearing in mind i am 76

    • I’d suggest checking your Google Chrome console to understand what exactly is causing the issue here.

      Google Toolbar > View > Developer > JavaScript Console

  2. michael dawe says:

    same as above

  3. Brian McCreery says:

    I doubt very much if the BBC iplayer is the problem with Unauthenticated Sources and suspect the problem is something else, in my case

    • Yes, Brian – that could be a possible issue. Check if the BBC iPlayer is playing through https:// URL using inspect element or source code.

  4. jilia says:

    I am try but its not working .

  5. Deepak Khunt says:

    My WordPress blog gives me error message like This page is tring to load scripts from unauthenticated source.
    So, i try to find out why this happen and how to solve it?
    And finally comes to this article.
    Thank you for posting such great and useful article.

  6. Albin says:

    Thank you for great contet! I have some fixes that “need” to be solved.

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