(Learn & Fix) This Page is Trying to Load Scripts From Unauthenticated Sources

Fix the chrome browser error 'This Page is Trying to Load Scripts From Unauthenticated Sources' and know what exactly happens and how to rectify this kind of error on your website or blog as webmaster.

If a website is https:// or SSL protected and if you notice a shield withInsecure content a red cross in URL address bar of your chrome browser then the browser is trying to protect your information from fallings to any fraudulent hands.

The shield basically blocks insecure scripts, ads, or trackers which are unsafe. The SSL certified websites are very safe as they create an encrypted connection between the user and the web page.

Chrome protects users from the site that’s not secure to make sure your information on the page doesn’t fall into the wrong hands by blocking certain 3rd party scripts hosted on site.

Why does the Chrome Browser Shows Shield?

The Shield basically appears because Chrome cannot recognize some of the elements of the page as trusted. It is quite common and there is nothing to worry about.

Let’s take an example for better understanding.

Suppose you visit a web page which is https:// protected and the page contains links which aren’t SSL protected then the browser will have a view of “mixed content.”

The browser defines the links as untrusted thus showing the shield symbol.



This can occur due to the addition of any spammy links, images, or even links from trusted sources which Google cannot verify as authentic.

Is it Safe to Visit a Page having Shield Sign?

Relax! Nothing to Worry. Yes! of course, it is very much safe to visit such pages because they are SSL protected.

Suppose that site is not SSL certified then chrome would not have even identified any scripts. So, it is surely very safe to visit the site.

You can check whether the connection to the site is secure or not by clicking on the https:// or Secure icon and then clicking on Details.

restoreBin Secured Certificate

restoreBin Secured Certificate

It also depends on the site you are visiting.

Suppose if you are visiting a content web blog like mine then there is nothing to fear about.

But if you visit a page where it is asking for your bank or card details like any E-Commerce site then you need to be damn safe.

  • You can visit web blogs, small business websites or any other sites which don’t ask for any credit card credentials.
  • Avoid giving bank or personal information on the site which have blocked scripts or shield.

Is It OK to Load Unsafe Scripts in Chrome?

If you trust the content and wish to load unsafe scripts then you can.

Chrome will refresh the page and load its content, including any insecure content. But Chrome will show the address bar crossed out in red: red https:// indicating insecure content.

Chrome Load Unsafe Script

Chrome Load Unsafe Script

How to Fix the Unauthenticated Sources on Your Site?

If you are an owner of the site and wish to fix the error then below are the solutions.

  • Embed all the links and media assets with https://
  • Open Google Toolbar > View > Developer > JavaScript Console and check for any code causing issue and fix it immediately
  • Avoid hosting low-quality third-party ads or scripts
  • Frequently scan your server with anti-malware

Is your website or blog SSL secured?

I personally use Let’s Encrypt service on @restoreBin that provides valid SSL certificates for free. And it works like a charm.

Feel free to share your personal challenges and resolutions for unsecured error message in below comments. I’d love to hear you!

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  1. michael dawe says:

    i would to know what is trying to load and how to remove bearing in mind i am 76

    • Kushal Azza says:

      I’d suggest checking your Google Chrome console to understand what exactly is causing the issue here.

      Google Toolbar > View > Developer > JavaScript Console

  2. michael dawe says:

    same as above

  3. Brian McCreery says:

    I doubt very much if the BBC iplayer is the problem with Unauthenticated Sources and suspect the problem is something else, in my case

    • Kushal Azza says:

      Yes, Brian – that could be a possible issue. Check if the BBC iPlayer is playing through https:// URL using inspect element or source code.

  4. jilia says:

    I am try but its not working . photoeditingpoint.com

  5. Deepak Khunt says:

    My WordPress blog gives me error message like This page is tring to load scripts from unauthenticated source.
    So, i try to find out why this happen and how to solve it?
    And finally comes to this article.
    Thank you for posting such great and useful article.

  6. Albin says:

    Thank you for great contet! I have some fixes that “need” to be solved.

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