[SuperFix] “No account access, switch user” error in Google Analytics App

Fix the problem of Google Analytics app on Android saying 'no account access, switch user' first you need to restart the mobile after app installation. If the issue continues to persist then follow other tips mentioned in here.

Google Analytics is a great tool for any website or app owner to know the trends of visitors and their web usage behavior. To make it more simple Google Analytics also has it’s own native Android app which recently got more graphical and informative updates.

But many users are facing login issues with this updated app saying “No account access, switch user”. It is quite irritating as well as annoying to encounter this issue. Here I have come up with some basic fix that will help to tackle with embarrassment.

Make sure you reboot once or re-install the app, and check for app function before proceeding forward.

Switch Users from the menu

This is the most potent solution to the problem. If you’ve multiple Google Account setup in Accounts, then switching to correct mail ID should solve the problem.

Open on “Options” and select the correct user ID from the list.

Use Only One Account

Basically, a user who has multiple Google Accounts configured on their smartphone are commonly facing the issue.

Just remove all other unused account accesses from your smartphone. Reboot phone and open Analytics app with the desired Google account.

If the problem is solved you can add all other accounts to your device.

Clear Data and Cache

This is another potential solution to fix the problem.

  1. Open Phone Settings
  2. Select Application Manager
  3. Swipe to “All” apps
  4. Choose Google Analytics from available apps
  5. Hit Clear cache and data

It should solve the problem.

Clearing the Google Services Framework cache

Google Services Framework syncs your data and stores device data. It also helps in proper functioning of Google apps.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Application Manager > All > Google Services Framework
  3. Tap on “Force stop” & tap then tap on “Clear cache” button.
  4. Reboot your device.

What next?

These problems may be temporary as Google may fix the bug with upcoming updates. However, you can drop your comments or issue below to discuss further and see if there are any other solutions.

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