How to delete and close Hotmail account permanently?

Learn more about how to delete and close your Microsoft Hotmail account permanently. This will also close all other associated access as well

Before closing account, you’ve to make sure that you’re not leaving any important pieces of stuff in the account. It may contact, uploaded files in OneDrive, photos, business emails, etc. Once mark the account as closed, there is no way to regain access. Hence, take necessary back up of all the importance.

There is no option to recreate and regain same email ID once the account is permanently deleted. This deletion will also impact on other associated accounts, like Skype, Xbox account, Mail, Contacts, etc.

It’s not possible to delete someone else account, or any third person can’t delete your account unless they’ve access to your password as well as recovery information. Microsoft makes proper authentication before providing access to sensitive account settings.

Before closing Hotmail account

  • Make sure you’ve checked all the pre-requisites take care to not leaving any important and sensitive information
  • You’ve canceled all the subscription associated with the account
  • Informed your contact about new contact location or email ID
  • Changed the account information in any website where this account email ID is used

Closing Hotmail Account permanently

  1. Go to Close your account
  2. Enter your Microsoft Hotmail account ID
  3. Verify yourself as an account owner with proper authentication
  4. Read the information carefully to understand the consequence and termination policy
  5. Proceed for Account Closure
  6. Fill out the survey form and submit

Microsoft Account Closure Confirmation

Regain deleted Hotmail account access

Once confirmed, the account will be permanently deleted after 60 days. In-case, you changed your mind or need to regain access, then try login within this 60 days grace period to have your access back.

If the grace period is surpassed, there will be no option to regain access to your account. Even contacting the support team won’t help in regaining account.

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I’ve been using Hotmail (Outlook) mail since long, and really loved the new UI compared to older. One distinct feature that standout Hotmail is the ability to create an email alias, which is missing in its rivals – Google Mail (

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