How to fix a page not loading properly and display only in text?

Fix the issue of your chrome or Mozilla firefox showing only plain text and not loading properly. This error generally happens due to Adblock or some extensions.

If you are facing issues with loading of web page or website in your browser like Chrome, Firefox or Opera on your PC then today I will show you the method to fix the issue on your browser. The problem which is encountered is that the page doesn’t load properly, and shows only plain text with a white background without any graphics or colors.

The issue generally occurs due to some extensions/Add-Ons installed in your browser. The problem may also occur when the page asks for some JavaScripts which your browsers may be blocking. So below I have provided with the solutions to fix the issue.

How to Fix Web Page Showing Text Only on Your Browser?

Page not loading only text Adblock error

Solution 1: Clearing Host blocking firewall

  1. Go to start, click on Computer
  2. Here open C: Drive > Windows folder
  3. Look for System32 and open the folder
  4. Now look for folder named ‘drivers’
  5. Here open folder etc
  6. Under folder etc click on hosts and open the file using any text editor like notepad
  7. Now clear any written content or URL servers in the file and simply save the file
  8. Reload your page the problem will be fixed

Note: please try this very carefully, since editing host file can also terminate your internet access on your system.

Solution 2: Deal with AdBlock Extensions or Add-Ons

As I said the browser extensions can many times interfere with page layout due given its working structure. The error generally occurs in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or for such instance in any other browser which allows browser extensions.

Many times the main culprit is Adblocker extensions like AdBlock Plus, AdBlock, AdGaurd, Ghostery etc.

  1. For Google Chrome, Go to settings of your Browser and under extensions look for Adblock extension and delete them
  2. Once deleted, close all the tabs and close the program
  3. Open the browser and again install the Adblock extensions
  4. The page will load properly

Same applies for Mozilla, you can delete the Add-On and re-install it.

Solution 3: Reset Browser Settings and Clear Browsing Data

Follow below guide for Google Chrome browser

1. Click on the upper right of the browser toolbar.
2. Click More tools.
3. Click Clear browsing data.
4. Place a checkmark in the following boxes: Browsing history. Download history. Cookies and other site and plug-in data.
5. Select the beginning of time from the drop-down menu.
6. Click Clear browsing data.

Please note: Clear browsing data will actually remove locally stored cache and cookies. Hence, you may need to re-login into all the website, however, the passwords and auto-form will stay in-tact.

What resolved your problem with text display?

The main culprit in my case was the Adblocking extension that was installed on Chrome browser. I temporarily deactivated the AdBlocker and refreshed the page. The content started displaying correctly without any issue.

If you have any other problem or still facing issues with the browser. Do comment below for assistance and suggestions.

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11 Responses

  1. John Greydanus says:

    I think you are missing a step in Solution 1 – after C: Drive, there should be Windows folder, then System32 as seen elsewhere. Anyway, that is not working, and I can’t find any Ad Blocking. The clearing of cache didn’t do it either so I’m really stuck now.

    • Kushal Azza says:

      Hi John, thanks for suggesting the correction and sorry to know that solution didn’t work.

      Can you try ‘hard refresh’?

      Windows: Ctrl + F5
      Mac OS: Cmd + R

      Let me know if this resolves your error. Thank you again!

  2. John Greydanus says:

    No, Ctrl + F5 does not fix it. I have used just F5 previously or Ctrl + R but nothing. Strange thing is, even on the iPad, the forum does not load properly. It is if you want to check it.
    I have cleared cache 3 or 4 times, getting tired of logging into all these sites, hard to remember all passwords. I have checked Chrome settings (ads, images) reloaded Chrome, restarted computer, really don’t know what happened.
    With EDGE browser the same, so I’m thinking it’s not me? But I don’t see any complains on that forum by anyone about display issues, it’s a mystery to me.

    • Kushal Azza says:

      Hello John, thanks for checking back. I tried loading the mentioned website, didn’t encounter any issue. The site is loading fully without issue, even console didn’t throw any blocking problem. Not sure if this is something problem with your ISP or system since you’ve already tried on a different browser.

      Can you check your Browser Console to find out if any website element is blocked?

      Chrome Browser: Hit on Options (three vertical dots) > More Tools > Developer tools.

      This should popup a developer window within the Chrome browser, just switch to the ‘Console’ tab and reload the website.

      Forex Factory Console

      Go through the console records to find any missing or blocking elements. If any of your browser or system firewall is blocking the elements, fixing that will automatically resolve the issue.

      Let me know how this goes. Thank you!

  3. John Greydanus says:

    Another thing, is the heading really correct for Solution 1? When I Google that, this is the top answer:

    Google Chrome
    1. Click on the upper right of the browser toolbar.
    2. Click More tools.
    3. Click Clear browsing data.
    4. Place a checkmark in the following boxes: Browsing history. Download history. Cookies and other site and plug-in data. …
    5. Select the beginning of time from the drop down menu.
    6. Click Clear browsing data.

    • Kushal Azza says:

      You’re wonderful, John!

      The mentioned is actually solution #3. Making the changes in #1 title and also solution #3 entry right away.

  4. Erebus says:

    Wow, some other members of trading group also report same problem, so not just me, it must be the website; I did see where they had a Maintenance note last week, must have made a real mess of it, ha ha ha

    • Kushal Azza says:

      Aaha, that’s the problem everyone is facing on the website. Thanks, Erebus for the update!

  5. Erebus says:

    No worries, here is the confirmation from above!

    Hi Erebus,

    I am responding to the post you made here. We regret any inconvenience! We made some updates to the site on Friday, which obviously resulted in some issues.

    We’ve ironed them out, but you will have to conduct a “hard refresh” (Ctrl+F5) on the site.

    This should iron out any issues you are experiencing at the moment. If the issues still persist, please contact me via email with a screenshot and we’ll get you squared away!

    Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you!

    Cheers and trade well,


    • Kushal Azza says:

      Thank you again, Erebus for updating here!

      Seems like they have fixed the issue, and of course, you’d need to hit “hard refresh” to make sure the server files are loading from the website instead of the browser cache.


  6. Kushal Azza says:

    Hello Everyone! Just an update here, I published a video on this solution. Hope you’ll find this helpful.

    Please do visit my YouTube channel and subscribe to it. Thank you! –

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