Save securely your online Google Keep notes with password protection

Synchronize and securely save your Google Keep notes cross-device with password protection and stop worrying about it again.

If you think about the online notes taking apps, the first thing that pops up in my mind is Google Keep. There are some other note taking apps as well like Evernote, OneNote etc. but, Google Keep is still the best. In this article, I’m going to introduce the Google Keep, how to use it productively, and also protect it.

Google Keep is an extremely user-friendly service by Google that helps in taking notes and synchronizing in the cloud to access cross-device.

There are different types of notes that you can actually make through Google Keep. The app is also available in Play Store as well as App Store for iOS devices.

Types of Google Keep notes

Let me share what all type of Keep notes you can make online:

Simple Textual Notes

This is the most basic and textual note you can make it. It’s as simple as taking notes in notepad by adding a title and scribbling text inside it.

List Type

You can create a list like groceries, shopping list, etc. and keep it handy in your phone. Once the item is completed or purchased, you can even check off from the list.

Image Inserted Keep Notes

You can also insert an image or picture you’ve taken on your camera and save it as a note along with the text. This comes in handy when noting something related to capture.

Drawing Notes

I really loved the way Drawing notes can be added. All you need to hit on pen icon and start drawing on the whiteboard. You can use different colors, change the size of the pen, erase and make quick edits.

Google Keep Notes Type

Access & Share Google Keep notes

Accessing and sharing a Keep note is quite easy and seamless. All the synchronization happens on cloud instantly.

Google Keep on Cloud

Keep is a real-time Google Cloud syncing service that is available on all the device and also available on browsers. Every note you add on your mobile will be instantly available on desktop login as well. Making it a complete cloud-based product service.

Google Keep on Phone

Keep is available on both iOS App Store and Android Play Store. It’s freely available for download on both stores, all you need to sign in to your Google account for synchronization.

Keep on Browser

You can quickly access Google Keep on any browser at It’s also available as Google Chrome extension to download as standalone software that runs even when you’re offline and sync once you’re connected.

Sharing Keep notes

You can easily share your Keep notes with any Google account. Hit on “Collaborator” option available on each note and add the desired Gmail ID to share. The best part is that the collaborator and you can work real-time on the same notes simultaneously.

Google Keep Password Protection

To be frank, there is no option in-built option to password protect particular note or entire service. However, you need to depend on third-party Android and iOS apps for securing the application with a password or pin.

For browser access, you need to make sure that your Google account is secured with Two Factor Authentication system. This will actually help in securing the Google Keeps notes safely within the system.

There are few smart tips that you can actually follow to store Keep notes invisible to the third person, as mentioned below.

You can actually hide a note or keep in archive folder that won’t be visible when someone else accesses. The archived notes will be available in the Archive folder. And these notes aren’t visible in the Google Keep window.

You may also hide a note in Trash temporarily. The note will be available in Trash Can for 7 days before it’s permanently deleted or restored back.

How do you keep your Google Keep secured?

First of all, I don’t store any confidential or passwords in Google Keep. Trust me, it’s quite unsafe to store any passwords online in any system.

I personally use an in-built hiding feature on my Android phone. It helps a lot to keep it away Google Keep visible from menu or apps list. I also have a very weird pattern lock that hard to learn or catch in a glimpse.

Now it’s your turn to share how you’re securing your notes? or are you using any other noting app? Please feel free to share, I’d be really happy to learn more. Thank you!

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2 Responses

  1. Len Beasley says:

    I am a Google KEEP user and love it. As you say it’s not a good idea to store passwords on anything that can be read by others. I use a system that I think is OK but I am interested what others might think. I only store the last 3 or 4 digits of me passwords. The first part of all the passwords I call my “Standard” something that I remember EG; FredDdy473 then add the last digits. The Password for Apple might be my ” Standard” + App.

    I am still interested if anyone has found a way to password protect KEEP.

    Regards BeezerUK

    • Kushal Azza says:

      That’s really a wonderful tip, Len.

      Yeah – I agree with you here that storing a part of the password is safe unless you make it recognizable.


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