How to change PDF password in Mac OS without using any software?

Suspicious of PDF encryption being compromise? Why don't you change PDF password quickly in Mac OS without using any software or application.

Recently I published an article on how to add a password to PDF. Today I’m going to share how to change existing PDF password in a similar fashion.

Basically, this tip doesn’t require any software package or application to be installed on your Mac OS. We will be using the inbuilt Preview feature in Mac OS. Please follow the earlier post to help you understand the different benefits or rich feature available in Preview.

Without further ado, let get started with simple steps.

Change PDF password in Mac OS

First, you need to have a PDF file with password protection enabled, I mean a PDF file locked with the password. And you also need to have existing password since you need to unlock the PDF file before changing the password.

  1. Double-click or hit enter to open the locked PDF file in Preview
  2. Enter the existing password to unlock file – file is now open
  3. Go to File and hit on “Export as PDF” command from the menubar
    Preview File Export as PDF and Menubar
  4. Change the exporting PDF file name
  5. Hit on “Show Details” button to display advanced options
  6. Enable “Encrypt” checkbox and enter a new password
  7. Verify the new Password and hit on Save button
  8. Voila! you’re done

Visit the location where the new PDF export has been saved. Check if the new export is getting unlocked with old password (I’m 101% sure it won’t). And later try unlocking with the new password.

You’ll have the two files with different password, you can discard the PDF file with the old password to continue using with the newly changed password.

Video on changing PDF password in Mac OS Preview

I’ve created a screen capture video demo of the changing the PDF password and also shared on restoreBin youtube channel. Followed the same steps that I mentioned above.

I hope you’ll find this video helpful.

Share your experience with changing PDF encryption

I feel doing productive work on Mac OS is really simple and these few small inbuilt features make that even better. I checked in Microsoft Windows OS 10 for PDF encryption or password protection feature but, can’t find any option.

Handover to you, please share your thoughts on this tips.

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